Powering the growth of law firms nationally

The MAPD Group has big ambitions. We are building a group of successful law firms across the country, propelled by a single compelling idea: Making A Positive Difference. It is a belief that motivates us, leads us to deliver high quality work for our clients, roots us deeply in our communities and ultimately fuels our business performance.

If you share our thinking we'd love to talk to you

We're interested in talking to law firms who share our vision and belief in a better way of doing business.

The MAPD Way

Our focus is on sustainable growth and a balanced approach to running a business. We know that if we invest in our people, their skills and their future, deliver great client service and treat every client as an individual and provide high quality trusted advice, a MAPD business will make a fair profit and this will propel the business forward. We see each part of this value chain is inextricably linked and the key to achieving long term success.

Investing so you can do more

The backing of the MAPD Group brings practical benefits, including access to investment capital, the ability to leverage the Group's operational infrastructure and share best practice across other member firms in the group. This support allows us to develop your people to their full potential and invest in the necessary technology and systems to keep our business running efficiently. It also frees you up to spend more time doing what you do best.

Get on board with MAPD

We want firms whose people want to share the journey and grow something great together!

What really makes us tick is working WITH you to lead and manage your business and to take away the headaches.

We're not looking to change things for the sake of it; we see the benefit of your brand in your area and we understand how important your people are to you.

We want firms that can show a positive sustainable trend of profitability, not necessarily growth (although that'd be good)!

How will it work?

Being 'Powered by MAPD' means that the MAPD Group acquires the members' interests of the LLP, or entire share capital of the firm.

This can be structured in many different ways depending on type of firm, practice areas, working capital requirements, WIP, Capital Accounts, sustainable profitability etc...

Our Team

Our leadership team have worked together for over 5 years; their complementary skill set and personalities combine to bring a different approach to business and to MAPD.

An hour in their company will never be wasted and will always be accompanied by laughter!

Brian Cullen

Brian builds exceptional teams through his ability to see the best of the person and his instinct to empower them to see it in themselves.

Working internationally across a range of sectors, Brian has spent the last 25 years learning from others what works and what doesn't: He has developed his own refreshing approach with an unequivocal focus on culture at the centre of everything he does.

His clear vision and ambition is communicated with raw honesty; he leads through his team with no desire to be front and centre and above all, he makes the journey fun!

Joanna Kingston-Davies

Named one of the UK's 50 Leading Lights in Leadership and Kindness in 2019, Joanna brings an encouragement, a compassion and a nurturing approach to her leadership that supports her team to deliver outstanding results.

She places huge value on emotional intelligence and is relentless in her pursuit of fairness and opportunity for others.

Having started her working life in Paris over 20 years ago, Joanna brings a perspective and an energy to the way she works that tells her teams that they can and should bring their whole selves to work.

Business powered by MAPD

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The Rural Law Practice part of Thomson Hayton Winkley

If you are interested in finding out more, please call us or send an email to the contact details below and we would be pleased to set up an initial meeting.


The MAPD Group

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